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Can You Drink Alcohol on Your Fitness Journey?

Take ZBiotics before you drink alcohol

Enjoying alcohol consumption and having a healthy relationship with alcohol is critical. So can you drink alcohol on your fitness journey? Drinking alcohol responsibly and being aware of its health risks is very important, especially if you are serious about your fitness journey.

So how do you drink alcohol on your fitness journey and still balance a social life without cutting it out entirely? The short answer is yes for most people in moderation and being mindful about how they drink alcohol. But how can you do this, especially if you are an individual who is sensitive to alcohol's side effects? A new probiotic designed to help you break down a toxic byproduct of alcohol in your gut can help called ZBiotics. Keep reading!

The Reality

It's Sunday morning. You had planned an early morning hike with your friends, but you had only two cocktails the night before at dinner, and you feel terrible. You drank water throughout your meal but still feel awful after drinking alcohol. Well, you're not alone! Your fitness journey is important to you, and so are your friends and fun dinners that sometimes include alcohol.

Feeling like this is not the first time either. Maybe you find yourself sensitive to alcohol and its after-effects even after only one or two drinks. You have tried drinking more water, vitamins, or even herbal remedies to avoid the feelings of alcohol. But they just don't cut it, and you still feel sluggish and foggy the next day. Your big plans to hike the next day now feel out of reach, and you would rather stay in bed and get more rest. We have all been there!

You think to yourself, "how do I enjoy a cocktail or two and still be able to do the physical things that make me feel great". You know you don't have an addiction to alcohol or issues with it beyond the side effects of having a few drinks, so what do you do? Great question because we all know wedding season and the holidays will come and there will be an opportunity to cheers with your friends and family. Don't stress; keep reading.

Do you cut drinking out entirely if you are on a mighty quest to become healthy? For some, that might be the best choice, but what about when you want one drink and enjoy your company and libations without feeling terrible?

Meet ZBiotics

ZBiotics is a probiotic designed to relieve the after-effects of how alcohol can make you feel the next day. When you drink alcohol, a toxic byproduct called acetaldehyde builds up in your gut. This byproduct is responsible for the terrible side effects you get the next day after consuming alcohol. Your body isn't naturally good at breaking down acetaldehyde in your gut. Drinking multiple glasses of water doesn't help, either. Our bodies just didn't evolve to handle lots of acetaldehyde collecting in our gut.

ZBiotics solution was to make a probiotic designed to help with the process of breaking down acetaldehyde. They started with a natural probiotic bacteria called B. subtilis, which is found in fermented foods like natto. ZBiotics altered this bacteria to produce an enzyme that breaks down acetaldehyde. Your body has the help of ZBiotics if taken before you drink alcohol to help this process.

Does it work?

Yes! This product works; I have tested it many times under different occasions and circumstances. I love not just to work out but feel good after a night out with friends, where I will consume a few drinks. But I am very sensitive to alcohol, and this is the only thing that has helped me occasionally consume alcohol responsibly without feeling sluggish the next day.

I gave ZBiotics a real test on my last trip to Italy with my sister. Over 5 hours, starting with an aperitivo at Il San Pietro Positano (incredible view) and consuming two cocktails, we took in the sunset and enjoyed every moment of our surroundings.

Then my sister and I went to dinner and had two glasses of wine over another 3 hours. Usually, I would feel terrible the next day after more than two alcoholic beverages, but I didn't! I felt great! I even worked out and did eight rounds of the stairs at our hotel on the Amalfi coast (120 set of stairs), and I still felt good.

Now, ZBiotics is not meant as a hangover cure but rather a way to enjoy alcohol responsibly and still feel great when you wake up and be ready to seize the rest of your vacation and travels. By no means is this meant to encourage more alcohol consumption. The key is to take it before you drink alcohol.

Try ZBiotics:

Anna from ZBiotics contacted me before my trip with my sister and sent me a packet to try. She was kind enough to extend an affiliate discount for ZBiotics for all of my followers and clients to enjoy with purchase. You can buy ZBiotics in packs as well as in bulk with 50 or 100 packs at 20% off using CODE: SERENE20 at checkout.

Key Takeaways:

Be mindful of how much you consume alcohol, and always drink responsibly. If you are sensitive to alcohol and don't want the occasional drink to screw up your health journey, try ZBiotics before you drink. It's not a hangover cure, nor is it a way to continue to drink more alcohol. Alcohol is still harmful to your body and should be respected and enjoyed responsibly.

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