How to Reduce Cellulite and Improve Overall Health

The truth about cellulite

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Yes, you can reduce Cellulite…

It’s time to unpack a major myth in the fitness industry. I’ll show you how to reduce cellulite and improve overall health in 4 steps.

Cellulite isn’t a real thing. Yup, I know …. say what?

Before I get into the description of what “cellulite” really is on our bodies, let’s look at where it came from.

The word cellulite was invented in France at the end of the 19th century. Its first appearance dates back to 1873, in the French medical dictionary Littré & Robin. Cellulite was described as “the inflammation of the cell tissue or laminate tissue.”

In France, beauty counters, magazines, and publications followed with products and creams to remedy this “problem” women were now seeing on their bodies thanks to marketing. Once women were told it was a “condition” and they needed a cure for in order to be beautiful, they then made it an obsession within the beauty industry.

Vogue Cover 1968

This cellulite mania eventually made its way abroad to the United States. On April 15, 1968, the US edition of Vogue featured a headline on its front page: “Cellulite, the fat you couldn’t lose before.”

Titles like this directed women towards more products and devices to get rid of cellulite. Countless studies, devices, and miracle creams came to the US market promising a cure-all instead of teaching women to accept their bodies and how to reduce overall body fat for improved health and longevity.

Products that DO NOT reduce cellulite and improve overall health

But do these topical and massage products work?


They never have and still don’t.

Then why did women buy into them and still do if they don’t reduce cellulite and improve overall health? Because we as consumers love the idea of shortcuts towards health.

We are programmed to believe that results are attainable with shortcuts thanks to marketing.

I can’t tell you how many times I have this conversation with my female clients expressing hope in a new cream or massager to get rid of their cellulite. There are no shortcuts towards reducing cellulite and improving overall health. It takes action towards your goal and remaining consistent with your actions. It’s that simple and it takes time.

The problem is that there is a lot of misinformation and great marketing to make you believe you can only get rid of it by buying something.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a word to describe the subcutaneous fat and fibrous tissue beneath the skin. Yup, that’s what this “condition” is, normal subcutaneous fat under the skin. Now, we all have different body shapes and areas where we carry more body fat than other parts of our body which can be visible as subcutaneous fat under our skin. But, this is not a “condition”, it’s a matter of where our bodies store more fat.

As humans, we have two kinds of fat in our bodies both subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat, the type of fat also found in the arms and legs, is easier to see hence why women obsess about it. Visceral fat is fat that surrounds the organs. Though it is not visible from the outside, visceral fat is associated with numerous diseases.

However, subcutaneous fat can be a sign of visceral fat. People with lots of subcutaneous fat often also have lots of visceral fat. It’s important to know what your levels are for overall health. You can take a body composition test such as the InBody or the DexaFit to determine both of these body fat percentages.

Ok, so let’s start with ACCEPTING your body right now for its current state cellulite and all. Yup to make a major change in our health we must accept where we are at this moment. We can then take note of the progress we are taking from here on out starting with these 4 steps I will share with you shortly.

What I’m about to tell you will help you understand this process, so you can start reducing subcutaneous fat and improve your overall health. These 4 steps are based on science, not a product or supplement. Yes, you can reach your goal is to reduce cellulite and lower your visible subcutaneous and nonvisible visceral fat levels, without buying a cellulite product. No fancy marketing here.

Reduce cellulite and improve overall health

1) Get stronger first: Starting with strength training gets your body to build muscle and adapts your nervous system while you increase your muscle mass. Strength train at least three times a week using an appropriate amount of weight that challenges your muscles, increasing your strength over time.

Typical strength training usually starts with reps ranging from 3-7 per set. Focus on the bigger movements such as the squat, bench press, overhead press, and deadlifting.

Keep in mind, spot reducing fat doesn’t work, but adding muscle all over will decrease the overall fat percentage in both subcutaneous and visceral fat. You can sculpt your body in this way by adding muscle to specific areas over time. More on this in a later post.

2) Sit less: Track your steps and aim to increase your steps over time. Sitting less breaks up your day increases circulation, and also can boost your mood. Consider going on a few walks while at work and inviting your coworkers to come along, or listen to a podcast while you increase your steps. Use your phone to track and make sure you are hydrated.

3) Get more aerobic exercise: Yes, doing some cardio will help in the efforts towards lowering your subcutaneous and visceral fat. However, cardio alone will not do enough without combining it with strength training as well as eating less calories than you burn.

Strength training will increase your muscle mass which increases your metabolism, in turn allowing you to eat more and burn more calories at rest. This is super important when your goal is to lower your overall fat levels. I must repeat strength training is number one and cardio is great in combination with it.

4) Eat less calories then your burn and eat whole foods: You see, fat is stored fuel and if you are eating in excess of what your body needs to complete all the activity, then your body will not burn fat as fuel. Repeating this pattern of overeating will only help your body store more fat. This relationship is called energy balance and I will do another post on that specific topic later.

Eating more whole foods instead of processed foods will help you stick to your goals as well as help you with overall nutrition. Improving your nutrition will help fuel your workouts and in turn, get you towards the results you want faster than processed foods. Processed foods tend to stimulate overeating because they are not nutrient-dense and are highly palatable.

Ok, so lets recap.

Cellulite is a made-up word for visible subcutaneous fat which is normal. What we could focus on is lowering our overall fat and increasing muscle all over our body instead of buying into marketing gimmicks.

Once we understand this simple concept, it’s not about buying anything like the Brazilian Bum Bum cream or a FaciaBlaster, but it’s about DOING something CONSISTENTLY towards lowering our fat levels over time.

You can reduce cellulite and improve overall health by staying consistent and building muscle. Think of building muscle as your foundation. You will see how amazing this is for overall health and you will be happy to also see changes in your aesthetics.

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